Before the treatment and at the base of the professional advice we find the survey and the diagnosis, as a preliminary tool in search for the right treatment.


Nubeà developed Indago, an instrument for the direct observation of anomalies and imperfections of the scalp that are not noticeable with the naked eye.
Analysing the scalp using the Indago method allows for an accurate diagnosis to then advise on the most suitable Nubeà treatment.
The pictures looked at in the first analysis are memorized in order to compare the state of the scalp and hair bulb after treatment.

Indago: strengths

a) an overview of the state of health of the scalp and hair

b) the possibility to view the hair greatly magnified in order to evaluate hair regrowth 

c) assessing for a seborrhoeic scalp and the subsequent mathematic evaluation of it 

d) the chance to identify the difference between the predictable types of seborrhoea and those of dandruff (dry/greasy), the presence of hyperkeratotic pathologies (seborrhoeic dermatitis/psoriasis), the amount of dry skin (hypohidrosis/asteatosis) or simple observation of sensitive and thin skin on the scalp

e) a close examination of the cuticle and hair bulb to evaluate their health before and after the treatment

 f) mathematical measurement of the hair density and diameter