Let’s swim across the summer
Tania Cagnotto, world diving champion, is the new testimonial for Solenium.

30 May 2019

Solenium was captured by the balance, strength, determination, and beauty of a great sports woman and transferred her values of authenticity, strength, and efficiency to its product family.

The chance encounter between Tania Cagnotto and Solenium resulted in an immediate mutual passion. Mother of baby girl Maya since 2018, Tania Cagnotto perfectly embodies the values of the brand and underlines its strength with an authentic beauty, full of tone and health. There is no artificiality in her, no aesthetic device, only her determination and her clean charm. Tania is the first Italian woman to have won a world medal in diving and the only woman to have won a gold medal, as well as being the European diver with the most podiums in her career. She is considered the greatest Italian diver of all times and it is with pride and enthusiasm that nubeà matches the values of its brand with her figure. The combination of nubeà products, and in particular of the Solenium line dedicated to beauty, protection, and nutrition for skin and hair during summer, is not accidental. The delicate formulations that characterize it, the precious contribution of Essential Oils and Plant Extracts are perfectly suitable for daily use, making nubeà and Solenium the perfect allies for those who go to the gym and the swimming pool on a daily basis and are often forced to wash their hair and expose it to the potential aggression of sun and salt.

Beauty and health are always the perfect mix for nubeà, and who else, apart from a beautiful, winning, and authentic athlete like Tania, could represent the identity of a brand that makes this combination its raison d’être?


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